The executed and current projects financed by grant CNCP

► 5251/0903 (STCU/GNSF 2010-2012)
Obtaining and Investigation of Y 1-2-3 Type Ceramic Compositions Having High Temperature Superconducting Characteristics with Stable Structure

► CIS/10/0006/CNTR (2009 – 2011)
Technologic complex of basalt fibre and composite products manufactuirng

► CIS/10/0005/CNTR (2009-2011)
Organization of natural gas odorizer manufacturing

► CIS/10/0004/CNTR (2009-2011)
Development of Industrial Technology and Fabrication of Bimetallic products by Explosion Welding

► G-697 (2002-2003)
Investigation of Helioenergetical Resources of Georgia and Creation of Solar Energy Cadastre.

Probe helioenergetical resources of Georgia and solar cadastre building.

► CIS/10/0045/CNTR (2009-2010)
Organization of serial manufacture of New Design Rock Bolts

► CIS/10/0045/CNTR (2009-2011)
Creation of the Commercialisation Sector of the Scientific and Technological Products at the Ilia Vekua Sukhumi Institute of Physics and Technology (SIPT)