The executed and current projects financed by grant Georgian Academy of Sciences

► N2-51-04(2004-2005)
Effective antisublimation a coating for средне the temperature thermoelectric materials used in thermoelectric generators.

It is developed new glass-enamal antisublimation a coating with which one help term of operation of a thermoelectric generator is considerably augmented.

► N2-42-02(2002-2003)
Development of highly resource switching transferring from silicium-germanium-tungsten for thermo-elektro the generator.

Switching transition with low energy losses for thermoelectic material S 0,8 Ge 0,2 which one can is developed will ensure stable operation of a thermoelectric generator in flow more than one year at temperature 700°C.

► N2-42(2000-2001)
Development thermoelectric unit for conversion of heat of organic propellant and thermal waters in electrisity.

It is developed thermoelectric unit from alloy Bi-Sb-Te which one can be used for building of an independent electrical supply.

► N2-53 (1999-2000)
Design working out сryogenic сorption the pump.

Physical and mathematical modelling of heat power and kinetic processes working out of a design for reception of ultrahigh vacuum. The original design cryogenic sorption the pump has been developed. From its assistance it is possible to receive ultrahigh vacuum.

► N1-34(1997-1998)
Carrying out of information-patent and physical and mathematical modelling for research works with Internet use.

In the project it has been developed: a) State system energo-savings model in Georgia; b) Independent sources of a thermoelectric current and the power unit for a refrigerator without freon; c) Universal technology for production of an ultradispersive powder.