The executed and current projects financed by grant ISTC

► CSP-051 (ISTC – 2008-2009)
Development of communication systems in Ilia Vekua Sokhumi Institute of Physics and Technology

► K-1117 (2006-2008) (SIPT, Institute of chemical sciences of the Kazakh university)
Development of New Technology of Electra and Heat conductive Metallized Polyimide Constructs with High Reflectivity.
Technology working out electro-and heat-conducting metallized polyamide materials with high reflexion.

► G-1106 (2005-2008) (SIPT, Scientific research institute of protection a plant)
Investigation and Monitoring of the Long Life Radionuclide Pollution (90Sr, 137Cs) of Georgia’s Plant Cover and Soils.
Research and pollution monitoring long-living radionuclides(90Sr, 137Cs) a vegetative cover and soils of Georgia.

► G-762 (2003-2006)(SIPT, Institutes of mining mechanical engineering, physical and organic chemistry)
Development of Technology for Obtaining Hard and Elastic Structural Materials with High Absorbing Properties for Neutron Irradiation Sources. Development of production engineering for deriving of solid and elastic structural stuffs with the absorptive properties for for radiants of neutron radiance.

► G-697 (2002-2003)
Investigation of Helioenergetical Resources of Georgia and Creation of Solar Energy Cadastre.

Probe helioenergetical resources of Georgia and solar cadastre building.

► G-401 (2001-2002)
Technique and Technology of Cryogenic Sorption Vacuum Pumps.

Technique and production engineering of cryogenic and sorption vacuum pumps.

► G-033 (1998-1999)
Design of the Processes for the Development of Ion-implanted Semiconductor Thermal Neutron Detectors.

Development of processes of building of detectors an ion-implantantnyh of semiconductor thermal neutrons.

► G-032 (1996-1997)
Development of Oxygen Ion-Implanted Collector Materials for Thermal Emission Converters of Thermal Energy into the Electric One.

Building an ion-implantantirovannyh oxygen of stuffs for sewers of thermoemissive transducers of heat energy in the electrical.

► G-027 (1997-1998)
Development and Thermophysical Calculation of Effective Cryogenic Means of Pumping.

The solution of thermal problems for development of effective cryogenic vacuum pumps.

► G-025 (1996-1997)
Development of the Universal Method for Controlling the Heat - Carrier Leakage from Liquid - Metallic Contours.

Develoment of a universal quality monitoring of leak of heat-carriers from circulating (is liquid-metal) contours.