The executed and current projects financed by grant STCU

► Р560 STCU (2012-2013)
Targets for High Temperature Superconducting Films.

► #Р466 STCU (2012-2013)
Radiation Modified Ion-Implanted Materials.

► #467 STCU (2011-2012)
Development of bulk monocrystals and SiGe based heteroepitaxial structures for new optoelectronic devices

► #434 STCU (2011-2012)
"Development of Low-temperature electrochemical technology obtaining rigid Aluminum coatings from molten salts"

► #5251 (STCU/GNSF – 2010-2012)
Obtaining and Investigation Y123 Type Ceramic Compositions Having High Temperature Superconducting Characteristics with Stable Structure

► G-4996 (STCU/GNSF – 2009-2011)
Fabrication of Si-Ge-Nanostructure Alloys by Explosive-Compaction-Technology and Development of Energy-Efficient Thermoelectric Batteries on their Base.

► G-4655 /354 (STCU/GNSF – 2008-2010)
Elaboration of Technology of Fabrication and Creation of Signal Sample of Heliothermoelectrogenerator.

► G-3997 (STCU/GNSF -2008-2010) (Ukraine/Georgia)
R&D Bulk Semiconductor Crystals and Epitaxial Structures in the Basis of Si-Ge Alloys.

► Gr-75(j) (2004-2005)
Development of Universal Software Module for Research of Damages Accumulation Kinetics in Materials.

Development of the universal modulus of the computer program for probe of kinetics of accumulation of deterioration in stuffs.

► Gr-20(j) (2003-2005)
The Development of an Effective and Radiation Resistant Thermoelectric Elements on the Basis of Boron Carbide (B4C) and Silicon - Germanium (SiGe) alloys.

Development of radiation-resistant thermopiles on the basis of boron carbide (B4C) and silicium - germanic (SiGe) alloys.

► Gr-54(j) (2002-2004)
Small capacity Combined Wind Power Water Pumping Complex Prototype.

The observational formation sample of the combined vetro-electric complex of small power.